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Our 55 gallon poly (plastic) barrels are available in White (natural) Blue, or Black.
We also carry 275 gallon poly (plastic) tanks.

Texas Barrel Supply can deliver your barrels or you can pick them up from us.
We have the trailers cabable of delivering up to 82 or 126 barrels per load.

Need more information or have a special request? Complete the form, below, call or email Texas Barrel Supply for quantity discount pricing and to place an order.

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All items available for pickup at our location or delivery to your location.
Shipping available for 10 or more barrels.
Contact us for shipping quote.

IMPORTANT: Shipping is NOT included in cost of barrels & parts.

55 gal. open top plastic barrel

55 Gallon Open Top Barrel with Removable Lid & Ring
Barrel depends on stock

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20 ga. poly tight drum barrel from Texas Barrel Supply 15 gallon Tight Head Drum Barrel
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55 Gallon Blue Poly (Plastic) Barrel
55 Gallon Blue Poly (Plastic) Barrel
Uncleaned POL-204-U
Cleaned POL-204

Uncleaned barrel $20.00
Cleaned barrel $25.00
55 Gallon White Poly (Plastic) Barrel
55 Gallon White Poly (Plastic) Barrel
Uncleaned POL-205-U
Cleaned barrel POL-205

Uncleaned barrel $20.00
Cleaned barrel $25.00

275 Gallon Poly (Plastic) Food Grade Tank
HDPE bladder sits inside a galvanized steel cage mounted to a plastic pallet.
Dimensions: 40" front and back x 46 tall" x 48" sides.
Top cap is 6 inches. Drain is 2 inches.
$85.00 each
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30 Gallon Poly (Plastic) Barrel

Dimensions: 29 inches tall, 20 inch diameter
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33 Gallon open top poly (plastic) removable lid & ring

Dimensions: 32"x18"x18"
Weight: 15lbs"
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35 Gallon White Poly (Plastic) Barrel

Dimensions: 33 inches tall, 19 inch diameter